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Heal Your Life

We are not just a body,  mind, or emotions.  We have many levels to us - for example physical, spiritual, energetic and more. Difficulties in our lives can manifest from any level.  Addressing difficult, stuck issues requires finding where it's stuck and using the appropriate techniques for you and for that level to resolve it. This is why I work with your subconscious mind and spiritual team to find what works for YOU!

Locate the Problem

Do you have a big vision  for your life but something is stuck and keeping you from that life?   Have you been on a personal growth or spiritual path but that stuck, painful issue is still not resolving or healing? Maybe you don't even know what the issue is. You probably have already tried a few techniques or therapies. They may have worked for a while or up to a point, but then no farther.‚Äč That was me.

There are many good solutions out there for every problem.  If you've tried something and your issue didn't shift, it doesn't mean the technique doesn't work - it might not be the right one for the level of your issue - or you needed something else first.  So how do you know what to do?  I work with a pendulum and a number of charts to find what's going on and exactly what's needed for you! You will finally get results!