"If you are serious about bringing real change to your life, you must work with Nina.  She is very in tune with your true spirit and uses her skills to bring about deep, impactful change. I now am able to function in my life much more effectively."  

                                     L. Green

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About Nina 


​I have worked worked with clients who struggle with issues  holding them back for over 10 years.  My unique approach finds exactly where the problem is stuck and what's needed to clear it.  Resolving stubborn issues can be fast, easy and complete. 

I have been on a personal growth/spiritual path for 30+ years. I spent a lot of my adult life looking for answers to a number of issues that were holding me back and causing major unhappiness as a result of childhood trauma, head injury, and just a lot of stuff on my plate.

Along my journey I tried a number of therapies and healing techniques with varying results.  I ended up studying some of them including:  Jin Shin Jyutsu, Attunement Technique, Brain Integration, Spiritual Response Technique, Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, dowsing and more.  

I started working with a pendulum and charts seven years ago as a way of communicating with the subconscious mind (which knows most of what's going on with you) and one's spiritual team (which knows the rest) to discover what's going on.  Then I find out what's needed to resolve the problem.  This has proven to be the key to REAL RESULTS for me and my clients!